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PackLine Defese: Australia (Luis Oliveira).

FIBA U17 Women's World Championship 2016
PackLine Defese: Australia
"The best man to man defense looks like a zone and the best zone defense looks like a man to man."
Pressure On The Ball
Off Ball Defense
Allow Passing Around The Perimeter
Protect the Gaps
Stop the Paint
Discourage Drives
No Easy Drives
Force/Contest Shot
Off Ball Defense
Be Patient
It cuts down penetration, forces the other team to beat you from outside, emphasizes the importance of playing as a unit, and teaches them how to play in help position.
- Defined Goals
- Individual Responsibilities
- Individual Roles
- Commitment
«All five players must work together as a defensive unit, if any of the five players aren’t performing their job properly, there will be open gaps that can lead to easy scores.»
- Defined Goals
- Individual Responsibilities
- Individual Roles
- Commitment
"You can play good defense and stll have shots fall"
1. On Ball Defense [http://bit.ly/2axeyog]
2. Passing Lane [http://bit.ly/2axfj0B]
3. Gap / Help & Recover [http://bit.ly/2atpHVS]
4. Close-Out [http://bit.ly/2ah8JdE]
5. Contested Jumpshots [http://bit.ly/2akg75t]
6. Guarding the Post [http://bit.ly/2azQ8eX]
7. Defensive Rebound [http://bit.ly/2acyVVk]
8. Off Ball Screens [http://bit.ly/2a2hjhK]
9. Ball Screens [http://bit.ly/2ajxqGz]
10. Defensive Transition [http://bit.ly/2a2hFF6]
Good Job Coach Shannon Seebohm

Junto os meus apontamentos da referida defesa.

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